Enhancing operational performance while simultaneously elevating the guest and employee experience is a critical objective

To achieve this, we have developed a variety of strategies to optimize operational efficiency and promote guest and employee satisfaction. By implementing these strategies, we can enhance your competitive edge, exceed stakeholder expectations, and achieve long-term sustainability.


Find the perfect place and let us handle the negotiations to fit your budget


We will secure and negotiate on your behalf


Large sound system, small discreet system, lighting and video screens


Lecterns, Podiums, Easels, let us handle all of your meeting supplies

How We Can Help

Whether your event is one night or one week, across town or across the country, our team will handle all of the details with efficiency and professionalism!

Let EQ Events help you create the premiere conference experience for your corporation of 12 or 1200. The needs of your large scale conference can be handled easily by our team. We will help you design the look, feel and sound that will compliment your work, team building and relaxation time to reinforce your company’s mission and vision.

Let EQ

  • Handle your scheduling challenges
  • Assume responsibility for your technical needs
  • Liaise with your travel agent to assist with your transportation needs
  • Liaise with the conference center to facilitate your room reservations as well as food and beverage needs
  • Secure presenters, performers and guarantee your evening entertainment for the length of your conference

EQ allows you to use your time wisely.

Let us assist with all of your planning needs so you can focus on what is really important – your employees, your attendees, your company and your conference.

EQ Events is a proud Member of The MJ Group. The MJ Group is a family owned and operated organization that focuses on quality service & comprehensive management. Known for our exceptional staffing and support, we deliver innovative solutions that enable our clients to successfully achieve their profitability and growth goals.